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You don’t need much. Just the right thing.

Do you know your potential savings in adhesive application? We help you save energy and adhesive or reduce waste production and downtime with targeted measures. In times of persistent supply bottlenecks and rising energy prices, it is particularly important to optimize the production process. This way you achieve lower costs, more safety and a better sustainability balance.

Cutting costs and saving resources is easy 

Noticeably optimize adhesive application: we can help you.


Up to 30% less adhesive

Are the bead cross-section and length correct? Would economical hot melt stitching be possible in your case? And is the adhesive only applied exactly where it is needed? We can help you reduce your adhesive consumption by up to one third. 


Up to 50% less energy

Have the system’s heating management optimized and components checked for energy efficiency. Why? So that ideally you only need half as much energy. 


Up to 60% less compressed air

Use fewer air-operated components and use electric application heads. This allows you to reduce your compressed air consumption by up to two thirds. 


Optimized adhesive application

We optimize settings to reduce possible stringing and precisely position adhesive beads and dots. In this way, we ensure that your products are cleanly glued and waste is reduced.


More safety at work

For the protection of your employees, it is crucial to insulate hot components or replace them with new, insulated ones right away. Automatic filling of the adhesive melter provides additional safety. In addition, it is necessary to check the protective equipment and protective devices. 


Increased system availability

We support you in optimizing your maintenance schedule and system monitoring for smooth operation. If required, we can also train your employees in operation and maintenance.

With GreenSaver, we get the maximum savings for you 

We will be happy to determine the savings potential in your adhesive application process and prepare a personal eight point inspection report for you. As a result, you will receive a clear plan of action from us to reduce costs and improve your sustainability balance. 


With the right measures, you are optimally on your way 

Save yourself long distances. Directly to Robatech.

Contact us today. Our experts will contact you to arrange a no-obligation consultation.